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Schoolgirl Wins "Make Me A Supermodel"
The finalist of “Make Me A Supermodel Live” has been announced - a 18 year-old student Alice Sinclair from Pinner in Middlesex. The reality show aired from Monday 14th and encouraged a lot of girls from Great Britain to take their chances. Every stage of competition had the set of daily tasks for girls to fulfil and the cameras recorded every moment of their magic change from casual teenagers to the potential supermodels. Two other girls who made it to the final were the only blonde Joanna and Kate who hoped to become the first Welsh supermodel in Britain. Yet, only one girl will wear the crown - Alice, who characterised herself as a "a quirky, odd looking girl" when asking to vote for her. She believes that she deserve to be chosen as she worked really hard and learned a lot about "not only the fashion world, but about myself too." "I'm ecstatic," the newly-minted supermodel told the Evening Standard. "It Just hasn't sunk in yet - I keep expecting the judges to turn around and say, 'Sorry, we made a mistake, you haven't really won'. " " I've always been a bit gangly and a bit wierd looking, and a few people had said to me 'You should try modeling'. One day I went into the Select agency and they told me about the competition. They were having auditions the next day, so I went along after school in my uniform. Next thing I know, here I am." Alice's fashion idols are: Vivienne Westwood, favourite models - Erin O’Connor & Yasmin Le Bon. She hopes that success won't change her as a person and happy to receive a contract from Select Model Management as a prise.