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Posted By  Jyoti   Posted Date  02 March 2012

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Camilla Belle’s eyebrows
When it comes to makeup, lips and eyelids always seem to grab our attention… but defined, well-groomed eyebrows can be equally (if not more) show-stopping. Especially when yours are as good as Camilla Belle’s (here at the Toronto International Film Festival). See how she doesn’t really need much eye makeup? It’s a cool trick, that. (And one Blake Lively needs to learn, clearly.) I can’t stress enough that you need to go for a professional eyebrow shaping, if you haven’t before, instead of attempting to DIY. Left to our own devices, most of us tend to over-pluck, so getting your brows rehabbed is a smart beauty move. Also: see if you can find someone who just tweezes or threads instead of waxes… wax tugs the skin (which causes wrinkles) and can also remove skin if you’re using certain types of anti-aging products, like Retin-A