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Schwarzenegger’s Doll Drops Machine Gun
Arnold Schwarzenegger has settled a lawsuit with the small Ohio toy company challenging the manufacture’s right to sell a bobblehead doll using his image. The actor turned-governor sued the Ohio Discount Merchandise after in had introduced a $ 19.50 doll of him wearing a grey business suit and holding a machine gun. Schwarzenegger’s lawyers claimed violation of copyright and intellectual property law, asserting that the company violated the California governor’s right to control his image and used unauthorized copyrighted photographs on the packaging. It has been agreed that the bobblehead will be withdrawn from the market, but the Bosley brothers will preserve the right to manufacture the new doll (but no gun, this time) in the future. The company, who also makes dolls of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, Felix the Cat and Jesus, agreed to donate part of the sales to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s charity after-school program called Arnold’s All Stars.