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Designer Ralph Lauren Graces Jamaican Postage Stamp
The face of the renowned fashion mogul Ralph Lauren has been immortalized on Jamaican postage stamp. The designer, who is the shareholder of the exclusive Round Hill resort in Montague Bay, has been honored for his contribution to the development of the island’s travel industry. The stamp can be bought in Jamaica as well as in other locations across the world for $6 per piece. Meanwhile, the designer has been busy launching the follow up for his popular fragrance Ralph Lauren Romance for Men, called Ralph Lauren Romance Men Silver (RLRMS) and aimed at modern metrosexuals aged 25 to 49. The fragrance, described as “ultra-masculine”, “sophisticated” and “spicy” includes Eau De Toilette Spray, after-shave gel and after-shave splash and is said to appeal to any well-groomed modern man. The fragrance is enclosed in a tall slick silver bottle that will complement any bathroom cabinet.