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Royal College of Art Fashion Show in London
A dedicated Postgraduate Fashion Department, the only one of the kind in the world, held its annual catwalk show in London. The Royal College of Art Fashion Show is where coming stars of design get a chance to shine in front of industry experts and the world's media. The future big names in fashion are strutting their stuff once more at the Royal College of Art, reported British Satellite News. This is where the most promising students from all over the world come to study for post-graduate courses and make contacts which will secure their futures in this highly competitive industry. Chinese designer Hai Yan Wang wowed the audience with her exquisitely-tailored menswear. Mute colours allowed the precision tailoring to speak for itself. Hai Yan Wan said, speaking at British Satellite News: "I came here to study because I think British Menswear is really, really good and I actually did Economics in China then I came here to study Fashion and I think this is the only place for me to learn proper, proper bespoke tailoring." Dora Szilagyi 's collection was heavily influenced by her own cultural heritage. Traditional Hungarian needlework patterns are woven onto contemporary shapes and colours, illustrating the designer's own experiences as a Hungarian living in the UK. Dora Szilagyi noted: "My culture is pretty much reflected in my work because I wanted to do my final collection as a tribute to my country, I am not having any plans to return there as I am doing Menswear Fashion and Menswear Fashion in Hungary doesn’t have that tradition that I am working in and I would like to travel and reach the peak the peak of the business and in Hungary I don't really have the possibility." Thailand-born Teerabul Songvich's collection dazzled the audience with his bold use of traditional Thai colours and embroidery. Shocking pinks, canary yellows and sea blues vie for attention with sequinned and quilted fabrics and daring accessories. He says the course has given him the edge he needs for a future in the industry. Teerabul Songvich , Fashion Graduate, Royal College of Art: "I think the show is coming out alright, it is quite good, I think it's quite good, everybody who knows me…are saying congratulations, which is quite good thing for me. For the future, in the immediate future I am looking for a job first to learn the craft in the business side of it and then after that we will see I might go on my own way and do my own brand." As this years Graduate course comes to an end, the students themselves face a hectic few months securing sponsorship, staff jobs and freelance design work, says British Satellite News. If the standard at this year's show is anything to go by, it is already plain to see that these are not followers of fashion. They are leaders.