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Fashion model: Blair's next job?
As UK Prime Minister Tony Blair attended the opening of the Fashion Retail Academy's new home in London, the handsome man was officially offered a new job as fashion model. Was it just a joke?! As one of the most influential men in the world, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, attended the opening of a new home for the Fashion Retail Academy in London, he was strutting into the fashion industry, making a few interesting statements, taking a few fashion sense test and even being offered a new job. The owner of the Arcadia group (which controlls the Topshop chain) Sir Philip Green announced his opinion that Tony Blair had some talent for a novice and offered him a job in his fashion industry. "You could have missed your vocation in life. If you are looking for something new to do afterwards, we could help," Green said as Blair stood looking amused by some accessories. The prime minister replied: "You would have to start me right at the bottom." Isnít it a premature negative reaction given Mr. Blair is about to resign and quit his present job in less than one year in 2007? However, UK Prime Minister, usually a classically dressed up man with a suit-and-tie combination, performed badly in terms of his own fashion sense, if not lifted the lid on his fashion hell. For instance, Blair has shown that his attempts to cut a dash in the beachwear range proved very unsuccessful. "I am not known for my fashion sense. When I wore a particular brand of swimming trunks one year, the sales then collapsed," Prime Minister admitted. It seems that even Blairís own suit-and-(mostly red)-tie outfit cannot be credited to him. Taking colors co-ordination tips on board, he pointed to his own black suit and red tie and said: "I haven't learned it before but I will do my best to learn it in the future." His style notions were tested when the professional audience asked Blair to choose a pair of women's shoes to match grey shorts and a woolly jumper. "I'm absolutely the worst with this," he said before reluctantly plumping for a shiny grey pair. What about Blairís spouse Cherie and other females (sometimes reported as quasi-stylish) in his own family? "I have to say that when I told my wife and 18-year-old daughter about coming to the opening of this fashion academy, they fell about laughing," Blair admitted.